Limited Edition Daniel Defoe

This year Montblanc pays homage to Daniel Defoe with a distinguished collection in a limited edition worldwide – a tribute to one of the greatest icons of literary history. Join us on this voyage of discovery of the most recent Montblanc collection.

The creator of the classic adventure story

Daniel Defoe, who was born in London around 1660, began his training as a minister before deciding to become a merchant. Throughout his life he criticized the social and political evils of England and published numerous pamphlets that railed against the Church. With his poem "The True-Born Englishman“, which called for more tolerance, Defoe achieved his first literary success in 1701. Later he worked as a political journalist and made a life-changing decision for financial reasons: he began to write novels. In 1719 he penned his first book, perhaps the most famous adventure story of all time, "Robinson Crusoe“, a literary epic that has captivated generations of readers throughout the world and led to Daniel Defoe's being described as the founder of the modern English novel.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the Limited Edition Daniel Defoe

The adventure begins

The wealthy son of a merchant, Robinson Crusoe, goes against his father's wishes and puts his safe existence at risk by becoming a sailor. He experiences extraordinary adventures on his travels until he is shipwrecked in a storm and is stranded as the only survivor on an uninhabited Caribbean island.

Unsuccessful attempts to escape

Crusoe does not intend to tarry on the island for long. He builds a raft and uses it to salvage important provisions and tools from the shipwreck. Finally he attempts to leave the island on his raft. Unfortunately, he fails to escape and his long sojourn on the island begins.

The shape of this Limited Edition is modeled on the paddle that Robinson Crusoe used to attempt his escape.

Survival on the island

Life on the island is not easy. Crusoe has to get by with the bare necessities. To cope with adversity, he has to demonstrate his skills as a handyman, building a shelter and sewing clothes from animal skins.

Inspired by the color and structure of wood, the precious resin of the cap and barrel symbolizes Robinson Crusoe's island life reduced to the simplest of things. The filigree engraving that adorns the cap and ring recalls the stitching on Robinson's clothing, which he had to make himself after being shipwrecked.

Loyal companions after years of isolation

Soon Robinson Crusoe discovers that he is not in fact alone on the island and he encounters savage cannibals. He succeeds in freeing their captive, and names him Friday, after the day of his liberation. Crusoe is also accompanied by another less well-known figure who is also immortalized in the Edition.

The elaborately decorated clip in the shape of a feather is reminiscent of Crusoe's loyal parrot "Poll", which is found as a fine engraving on the ruthenium-plated 750 gold nib. Fine engravings of typical 18th-century ornamentation that decorated book covers at the time adorn the cap ring and cone.

A return after 35 years

One day a ship drops anchor off the island. After a hard fight with the crew, Robinson Crusoe and Friday succeed in taking over the ship. They sail homeward and after 35 years of absence, Robinson Crusoe once again sets foot on the solid ground of his homeland. He marries and lives happily in England until his wife's death. As a widower, Crusoe once again puts out to sea, like the true sailor he is.

The signature of his inventor, Daniel Defoe, is immortalized as a fine engraving on the cap, completing this fascinating Limited Edition in honor of the creator of Robinson Crusoe.